Battle Pirates Game Review

Battle Pirates is a popular Facebook game from veteran social game developer Kixeye. The game has been heavily advertised in Facebook’s sidebar module in recent months, leading to a slow but steady degree of growth. At the time of writing, the game has 1,300,000 MAU and 280,000 DAU — strong figures for a complex, hardcore strategy game and only just shy of the numbers for Kixeye’s flagship title Backyard Monsters (1,500,000 MAU and 330,000 DAU). Battle Pirates casts players in the role of a commander of a new island base on a dystopian future waterlogged Earth. Through building and upgrading their base, researching new technologies and battling opponents — both AI- and human-controlled — the player will grow in strength and demonstrate their supremacy to others. The game doesn’t make it immediately clear at the outset whether there is an eventual “goal” to the game, but most players seem to be satisfied to simply continue growing in strength indefinitely, enjoying new content as it is added by the developer. The Battle Pirates game unfolds in two distinct components. The base-building aspect sees players with a limited amount of room to construct buildings and upgrade them to make them more efficient. All buildings have a specific special function — resource-gathering buildings must be emptied every so often to add oil, metal, energy and zynthium to the player’s reserves, “lab” buildings allow for the researching of new technologies, shipyards allow for the construction of fleets and docks allow the player to send their ships out on missions. Building defensive structures around the perimeter of the base is also a must if the player wants to remain safe from other human opponents — though like most games of this type, a week-long “grace period” allows players to enjoy the game without risk of attack, at least until they choose to attack a human opponent! For better start download Battle Pirates Hack.

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