Bloodmoon Game Review

Bloodmoon is a 2D turn-based persistent browser online game developed by Playa Games GmbH, the creator ofShakes & Fidget, and SoccerStar. The game renders a fully 3D dark vampire virtual world where Vampires, Werewolves and Hunters are competing. It was originally available in Germany, and in September, 2011, Bloodmoon officially supports international version. Players should create an account before fighting other vampires and werewolves.  As you login the game, you must fulfil the tasks assigned by an NPC located in Castle. He will walk you through the game and help you introduce the basic operations, and unlock more options as you progress. For example, if you accept a quest called “A Legendary amulet”, you need to follow the clues and hints to look for this item that contains power. Although Bloodmoon is a static text-based game, it still has a lot of highlights that are worth mentioning, like its stereophonic sound with frightening noise,  as well as sharp, snapping gunfire. Once you have taken care of an opponent, you’d better go to Laboratory to buy some useful potions and lucky charms, ensuring your characters are heavily equipped with such weapons and armor. You can also take a rest in Sanctuary where you can get new world missions based on your achievements and do jobs in Grave Digger. If you are scary to explore the world alone, you can join a clan to expand your fortresses and libraries and gain bonuses. Also, you can attack other alliances hostile sides to steal their influence. For better start download Bloodmoon Hack.

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