Castle Age Game Review

Castle Age is exactly what would happen if the makers of Mafia Wars spent their teenage years playing Dungeons & Dragons instead of watching Scorcese flicks. Instead of a mob you’ll have an army. Instead of committing crimes you’ll be completing quests. Rival bosses are replaced with orcs, different territories with lands of adventure… you get the idea. Yes, Castle Age is the latest casual MMO to get caught up in the “wars” phenomenon on Facebook – but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun. Castle Age places you in the chainmail boots of an adventurer in a world of fantasy. Like every other “Wars” style game on the market, the objective is to level up by completing certain quests and doing battle with other players. Completing quests requires little more than meeting the requirements and clicking “QUEST,” and battle is no more difficult that selecting an opponent and clicking “DUEL” or “INVADE.” For better start download Castle Age Hack.

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