Flying Kingdoms Game Review

It’s not enough these days for a casual game to just do one thing well, so developers are increasingly trying to find ways to combine two genres and hoping that they end up with the gaming equivalent of a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Vostu’s latest attempt to find a winning recipe is Flying Kingdoms, which turns one part city-builder and two parts RPG into a tasty mix. As the nameless hero of Flying Kingdoms, you’re tasked with restoring your homeland to some semblance of its former glory after magic has turned the king and many of his subjects to stone. While you are off questing – and perhaps discovering why the kingdom is on a floating island, giving the game its name – you’ve also got to manage things at home, literally rebuilding the town around your petrified liege. The latter task is fairly simple, and accomplished in a manner taken directly from CityVille and others of its ilk. Gold can be spent on housing which produces more gold, or businesses, which can churn out useful items. In Flying Kingdoms there’s also farming (to ensure compliance with the rule that every social game must have farming!) to produce Supplies to keep the businesses humming. Performing any action in your hometown costs Energy, which refills at a rate on one point every three minutes. All told, it’s pretty standard stuff, and wouldn’t be worth getting worked up about if it was a game unto itself. For better start download Flying Kingdoms Hack.

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