Grepolis Game Review

Grepolis is a browser based strategy game set in Ancient Greece. Every game world in the browser game Grepolis contains over 30,000 islands available to explore or to fiercely conquer and claim as your own. Players start with a tiny “polis” and must build it up into big metropolis. There are three key resources in Grepolis, Wood, Rock and Silver which are all generated at different building. You can also use Grepolis Hack to generate it easier and faster. In game you meet heaven entitles such as Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades and Athena. By choosing a god, we receive special benefits and troops which are most beneficial. Each god has different attributes that can be used to improve our cities or troops. Grepolis is online game so is high risk that you will be attacked by another player. You must build your army to protect your polis. Is good to join up with an alliance. It means you will not fight alone, you can trade with them or get help from them.

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