Hero Conquest Game Review

Hero Conquest is a turn-based strategy social game where you create your own squad of superheroes, build a strong base and attack villains. The game is developed by Broken Bulb Game Studio, the maker of Miscrits. Remember how it feels when you can only do something upon level up and during the rest of the time, you just wait and wait for the energy refill? Well, Hero Conquest turns out to offer that very experience for any player who chooses not to pay. In this game, you will control a maximum of six super heroes, all of which need your constant focus and attention. I mean, you must place them on the map, lead them to the spots you like, and then attack enemies or their facilities. You start from a small place with your headquarters on it. You dispatch heroes in whatever direction, and every step you take matters. Actually you will find that all the places your heroes have set their feet on will be lightened and be considered as your territory. Hero Conquest heroes are allowed to walk inside your territory or to places right next to it. That slows down the progression a lot since you have to instruct your heroes to walk a few steps before you even get close to any target object or enemy. Your heroes have differentiated attack ranges and therefore can target at enemies on assorted positions. The Hero Conquest gameplay sounds easy enough, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will always enjoy smooth progression. Each of your heroes has a small number of HPs and they can easily run out of health, in which cases you have to heal them with the health obtained from the Health Lab. And with several heroes at hand, you must deploy multiple Health Labs just to produce enough Health for your heroes. Purchasing labs and producing Health both cost coins. But that is not your concern – you have plenty of coins. You possess limited energy and have already used it up in the steps and attacks of your heroes. Hence it is often the case that you will have some of your Hero Conquest heroes lying on the ground (running out of health) while all the health produced in the labs are threatening to expire and all the other heroes are unable to move. It’s all about energy. Consuming all the “Cash” wouldn’t help and even watching the videos that promise to offer 5 energy points wouldn’t change the whole picture. You are only comfortable and are able to do whatever you want right after you level up. For the rest of the time, you wait. For better start download Hero Conquest Hack.

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