Kingdoms of Camelot Game Review

Kingdoms of Camelot has lead the charge to bring deeper gameplay to games on Facebook. It’s effectively Kabam’s flagship game, despite featuring the sort of complex grand strategy that people associate with boxed retail games. The new Winter Court expansion adds new content for advanced players who’ve built up enough power and resources to found their sixth in-game city. Story-wise, the update introduces the “twilight of Camelot” story material from the legends, including characters like Morgan Le Fay and Mordred. Visually, the update introduces Kingdoms of Camelot’s first set of new building icons, to match the update’s wintery theme. Beyond this, the Winter Court material doesn’t drastically change the feel of the game, merely expanding it so high-level players have more things to do. Building up your sixth city from scratch doesn’t feel dramatically different from building earlier cities. If you’ve made it far enough into Kingdoms of Camelot to be able to build your sixth city, though, chances are you aren’t going to find the process too repetitive. Kingdoms of Camelot is a game that rewards patience and diligence, in start contrast to the ten-minute time-wasters that otherwise appear to rule Facebook. You unlock your sixth city in the same basic way you unlock all cities beginning with your third. You amass special King Arthur’s Crests and Fey Seals until you gain your sixth deed. You also gain a Fey Standard you can choose to fly (or not fly) in your Court. You can purchase some of the Crests and Seals you’ll need using the cash-based virtual currency Gems, or you can earn them by attacking unclaimed wilderness areas. Chances are you’ll have a sizable army at your disposal by this point in the game, so all it will demand is the sort of patience it takes to really get into Kingdoms of Camelot. For better start download Kingdoms of Camelot Hack.

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