KingsAge Game Review

KingsAge is a medieval themed real-time strategy title that allows you to construct a vast city, train a vicious army and do battle against thousands of other players, right from the comfort of your internet browser. KingsAge is published and developed by GameForge, a free to play publisher that is quickly becoming known for their high-quality browser-based MMORTS titles such as Gladiatus and Ikariam. KingsAge shares many similarities with other GameForge strategy titles but steps away from the Greek and Roman themes, providing players with an authentic medieval experience. Here at XMMORPG our first review is based around the experience a new player would have, this is not always ideal in browser-based strategy games as they can be painfully slow to start with, but lets take a look at KingsAge and see how it squares up in one of the most competitive areas of the online gaming industry. There’s no character creation or customization in KingsAge, instead you’re given the choice of the general location of your city. It’s a pretty basic option presenting you with the choice in the form of a compass, and there’s also the option to choose random. It’s not really an important choice but if you’ve joined a guild prior to playing, or are joining with friends, it’s best to make sure you’re choosing the right location. Once you’ve chosen your starting location you’re introduced to the various features in KingsAge via a familiar tutorial layout. Small text prompts are displayed and you must complete each objective to move onto the next stage. The tutorial is very basic and covers every aspect of the game that you’ll need to know in order to advance. For better start download KingsAge Hack.

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