Skyrama Game Review

Skyrama is the newest multiplayer browser game addition to the ‘rama’ series, published by Bigpoint (Farmerama, Ponyrama). Your task in the free-to-play simulation game will be to manage your own buzzing airport, whilst at the same time travelling to new and cool destinations, participating in exciting air shows and more. Players from all over the world work together to organize air traffic control, the transportation of cargo, as well as fun events and air shows. In the browser game Skyrama there are many elements that you need to manage in order to conduct a successful operation. With multiple resources, employees and flights to coordinate, there will always be a task and challenge at hand to keep you busy. In addition to ensuring the smooth running of your airport in the casual simulation game Skyrama, you can also actively participate in the layout and design of your airport, as well as various decorations to attract more pilots and frequent flyers. Build hotels, restaurants and other facilities to ensure the visitors of your airport come back for more! In the online game Skyrama you can build up a significant air plane connection, with which you can roam the world and participate in thrilling air shows. Use these planes to transport passengers to all sorts of exciting locations, or simply use them to help you manage your cargo and resources. The game starts out with just a small terminal, with the idea in mind of expanding it to a super international hub for flights from all over the world! The more experience you gain in the free-to-play browser game Skyrama, the more items you unlock, helping you in creating a world-famous international airport! For better start download Skyrama Hack.

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