The West Game Review

The browser based game The West takes you back to a time of Indians and Cowboys, of family feuds, of rivalry and chivalry. The West is abrowser-based game set in the wild west of the United States. Another important element of the role-playing game The West is defining who your enemies are, and who your allies are. Form alliances with other players, for protection, camaraderie and support. As you embark on various quests and missions, your character will earn experience points, make money, learn new skills as well as grow and evolve. It is only through experience that your character will develop and learn new skills, striving for the opportunity to gain a reputation as a feared or fearless hero in the browser game The West. You can do this by challenging other players to thrilling duels – but be sure not to take on the strongest players first, they will take you out with one blow! Each duel depletes your character’s hit points, so it is important to ensure you get rest in between fights.  Move to or discover your own city, where you will be able to live, bank, shop and network with other players. The browser game The West is waiting for its next wild western hero. Will you rise to the challenge? For better start download The West Hack.

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