War Commander Game Review

War Commander is a Facebook warfare-themed strategy game that is published by Kixeye, the creater of Backyard Monsers. The game tries to make itself different by implementing a funny and interesting animated tutorial, but it cannot shake off the empire building mechanism. Entering War Commander, you are already a commander, nominally of course, with five basic structures concerning resource-producing and order-issuing already in function and couples of riflemen(the lowest army unit) at disposal. Instead of initiating any move, you could simply follow the guiding dialogue to launch the first shoot: click and watch is all you need to do. After the first quest is finished, you can click to collect rewards, to be specific, a certain amount of metal and oil. Quests listed at the bottom of the screen serve as tutorials, which acquaint one with basic gameplay and lead one through the upgrading process. Since quests are of great number and of increasing difficulty, you can decide to take them from A to Z or skip some at will; yet basically, you have no alternative choice but grind, low to high in sequence, due to the fixed requirements for every activity. Of course, it is another story for those who are willing to barter Facebook credits for a quicker level-up, for six credits can easily exempt one from consuming a large amount of resources and two hours’ waiting for the unlocking of a Rocket Launcher. besides, enormous though they are, quests turn out to be monotonous, varying little from build, upgrade and attack, all done by read-and-click. The interface throughout War Commander is concise and clear, with several icons indicating users’ name and level as well as resource stats on the top and chat box plus the quests list on the bottom of the screen, leaving the large, and middle ground to present the structure-strewn base. But against the wide-spread of greenland background, various in-game structures appear a little undersized, while the army units are visibly too small, which greatly spoils the scene of grandeur one usually expect for a military theme. Yet the disproportion is not the only problem needed to be worked on. After the very first shoot, all the enemy bodies in blood are continuously appearing in the screen to cause an eyesore. Several hours’ grinding only leads to Level 5, but the exposed defects contrastively pile on quickly. Boredom in the very beginning wears away your patience and interests, which in turn deprives the core strategic gameplay of its opportunity to be given a shot. Isn’t that a pity? For better start download War Commander Hack.

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