Marvel Avengers Alliance Game Review

Marvel Avengers Alliance. Their attacks are well organized and backed with super villain power. Mankind’s only chance to stop them and save New York City and perhaps the entire world is to call on aid from S.H.I.E.L.D., a group of superheroes with unparalleled powers and compassion for humanity. In Marvel Avengers Alliance you are one of the many agents of shield, and it is up to you to assemble the S.H.I.E.L.D. forces and recruit new heroes whenever a worthy one crosses your path. You will fight alongside a full cast of Marvel characters and heroes in a role playing game format. Team up with heroes like Wolverine, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America and plenty of others to compile a party worthy of facing off against the evildoers trying to destroy Manhattan. Gather up heroes with all sorts of powers to round out your roster and level them up throughout the game, choosing various abilities for them to learn and improve so that your enemies crumble before you, including your friends or anyone else you  meet in the Marvel Avengers Alliance universe in exciting PvP encounters. Take the reigns in your very own entry into the Marvel canon by controlling every aspect of your heroes’ and their stories’ development. It’s up to you to save Manhattan and the rest of the world from the clutches of those dastardly villains. For better start download Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack.

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Bitefight Game Review

Bitefight is a free-to-play fantasy game set in a world covered in a blanket of darkness. There is an ongoing battle for domination in this world between werewolves and vampires; join this feud and get ready for intense battles by moonlight. These ferocious creatures are both constantly searching for fresh blood and show no mercy when fighting against their enemies. Decide which faction you will side with, and roam the cities in the online game Bitefight in search of new victims. Equip your character with powerful weaponry and armor, and hunt down your opponents. Monitor your character’s defense, dexterity, endurance, charisma, experience and health statistics to ensure optimal performance in the grueling duels. You are assigned your own hideout in the browser based game Bitefight, where you store your treasure box of valuable items, your protective gargoyle guardian and the almighty book of the damned. As you roam the shadows of the world, you can collect powerful items that will enhance your skills and chances of victory. Your character’s attributes in Bitefight will fluctuate as you battle against enemies, and it is important to allow time for these attributes to be replenished. Explore the mines of Mulgador in search of the mystic Hellstone crystals. These crystals will enhance your character’s skills and abilities in the browser based game Bitefight. You can also generate BiteFight Hack. them Form a powerful clan with your allies and embark on group adventures under the night sky. This clan will provide support, knowledge and strength in numbers.

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Galaxy Online II Game Review

Galaxy Online II is a Facebook game based heavily on strategy and luck. The object of the game is to become the best of the best. By completing Quests and Instances, you will gain the power and experience to become the mightiest in all the Galaxy.

Newbie Guide:

1. When you enter Galaxy Online II for the first time, the best place to start is with the storyline quests! The rewards are impressive and the story explains much of what’s going on in Galaxy Online II.

2. When you begin playing Galaxy Online II, you must pay close attention to Technology Research. Researching techs can cost a lot of time and resources, so the best way to get a quick start is to focus on one tech and research others later.

3. In Galaxy Online II, the commander is one of the most important parts of the game because they stand on the vanguard, leading your fleet into battle. So, do you know how to recruit commanders in Galaxy Online II?
There are 3 methods of recruiting commanders.

1). Regular Recruitment. This method allows you to recruit commanders for free, but only one can be recruited each time. There is also a cool down time. When the cool down is complete, you may recruit another. (Spell Commander, Super Commander and Legendary Commander may all be recruited)

2). Quick Recruitment. Using this method there is no wait. You can recruit commanders again and again without stopping. There’s also no cooldown time, but the cost is 8 Mall Points for each commander recruited. (Spell Commander, Super Commander and Legendary Commander may all be recruited)

3). Commander Card. You must pay 100 Mall Points for one card, but if you are looking for a specific commander, this is definitely the way to go. Spell Commanders, Super Commanders or Legendary Commanders can all be recruited by purchasing the corresponding card.

4. Log in every day to complete daily quests. Completing these quests will earn you points. Both the daily quests and the Fortune Wheel will be updated at 12:00am every day. After spinning the wheel, you will get an extra lucky draw for free. So don’t forget to give that wheel a spin after logging in!

5. In Galaxy Online II, you have 2 different kinds of friends: Friends in Galaxy Online II and friends on Facebook.
For your friends in game, you can help them repair their space station or steal some resources from them.
For your Facebook friends, you can can help them repair their space station or steal their resources, as well as helping them them accelerate the construction of buildings. (Helping friends speed up the construction of buildings won’t consume SP, but you must have at least 1 SP on hand to do it.)

6. Ship design is one of the most fascinating parts of playing Galaxy Online II. You can create custom ships based on your wants and needs and oversee every aspect of the design personally. However, there are limitations to the amount of space available for ship designs, so make full use of your  materials to create the kinds of ships you’ll need!

7. Space Station’s are also very important. These stationscan produce resources, but they are also often the site of major battles, so they must be protected. These stations are also where you go to enter instances, so they are very important. If there  8 friends visit you and repair your station within 24 hours, you’ll get a special gift – a Voucher! (Voucher: XXX)

8. Like most games out there, instances are important in Galaxy Online II. When you complete an instance, you’ll receive rewards, like treasure boxes. (If the number of rounds in an instance are odd, when you finish the instance, you’ll be returned to the space station immediately, if the rounds are even, you’ll need to return to the instance, and then move on to the next one.)

9. Treasure Boxes: These are the rewards for completing instances. You can get resources, and designs from them. Different level instances will reward different level prizes.

10. Completing quests will earn you points. You can use these points to take part in lucky draws to win big prizes! The points you earn from daily quests will be accumulated, and the more points you collect,the better your rewards will be. (Points won’t be consumed after drawing rewards.) In addition, in our daily quests, you can finish an instance quest and win an extra gift – 5,000 Gold! Please remember to go get the Gold when you complete an instance!
Have fun battling for control of the universe – only in Galaxy Online II

11. For better start you can use Galaxy Online II Hack.

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Lord of Ultima Game Review

Lord of Ultima is a free-to-play strategy MMOG completely playable from any web browser. Players begin their journey with a humble village based in the vast world of Ultima, which they must grow and expand into a thriving empire. This is done through rigorous construction, exploration of new territories and forging a powerful army. The browser game Lord of Ultima is rich in features, and enables players to embark on various quests, interact with other players, forge alliances, participate in epic PvE and PvP combat, and plunder dangerous dungeons. There are over 27 different building types you can construct in your empire in the online game Lord of Ultima, including a town hall, cottage, quarry, hideout, marketplace, harbor, stonemason, foundry and more. You will need to accrue points and ascend various levels before you can construct all of these dwellings. In the strategic MMOG Lord of Ultima there are multitudes of ways in which you can display your combative skills. Players can launch attacks on enemy cities, scout the plains of Ultima, participate in boss raids with your alliances, explore the dark dungeons and siege their opponent’s castles. There are also several quests in which the true strength and skill of your character will be tested including recruitment, dungeon, progress, war, trade, alliance, special and referral quests. Each of these will bring you special rewards, new skills, and invaluable in-game experience. Your goal is to defeat your enemies and become one of the strongest empires of the land, in your bid to become Lord of Ultima. If you want generate resources fast and easy we recommend Lord of Ultima Hack.

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Grepolis Game Review

Grepolis is a browser based strategy game set in Ancient Greece. Every game world in the browser game Grepolis contains over 30,000 islands available to explore or to fiercely conquer and claim as your own. Players start with a tiny “polis” and must build it up into big metropolis. There are three key resources in Grepolis, Wood, Rock and Silver which are all generated at different building. You can also use Grepolis Hack to generate it easier and faster. In game you meet heaven entitles such as Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades and Athena. By choosing a god, we receive special benefits and troops which are most beneficial. Each god has different attributes that can be used to improve our cities or troops. Grepolis is online game so is high risk that you will be attacked by another player. You must build your army to protect your polis. Is good to join up with an alliance. It means you will not fight alone, you can trade with them or get help from them.

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Kingdoms of Camelot Game Review

Kingdoms of Camelot has lead the charge to bring deeper gameplay to games on Facebook. It’s effectively Kabam’s flagship game, despite featuring the sort of complex grand strategy that people associate with boxed retail games. The new Winter Court expansion adds new content for advanced players who’ve built up enough power and resources to found their sixth in-game city. Story-wise, the update introduces the “twilight of Camelot” story material from the legends, including characters like Morgan Le Fay and Mordred. Visually, the update introduces Kingdoms of Camelot’s first set of new building icons, to match the update’s wintery theme. Beyond this, the Winter Court material doesn’t drastically change the feel of the game, merely expanding it so high-level players have more things to do. Building up your sixth city from scratch doesn’t feel dramatically different from building earlier cities. If you’ve made it far enough into Kingdoms of Camelot to be able to build your sixth city, though, chances are you aren’t going to find the process too repetitive. Kingdoms of Camelot is a game that rewards patience and diligence, in start contrast to the ten-minute time-wasters that otherwise appear to rule Facebook. You unlock your sixth city in the same basic way you unlock all cities beginning with your third. You amass special King Arthur’s Crests and Fey Seals until you gain your sixth deed. You also gain a Fey Standard you can choose to fly (or not fly) in your Court. You can purchase some of the Crests and Seals you’ll need using the cash-based virtual currency Gems, or you can earn them by attacking unclaimed wilderness areas. Chances are you’ll have a sizable army at your disposal by this point in the game, so all it will demand is the sort of patience it takes to really get into Kingdoms of Camelot. For better start download Kingdoms of Camelot Hack.

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Age of Legends Game Review

Age of Legends is a Facebook game. The war-torn lands of Nekuria hold many secrets, eternal glory or inevitable death awaiting those who discover them. Most who seek to prove themselves are soon forgotten. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Which one are you? For better start download Age of Legends Hack.

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Social Empires Game Review

Social Empires looks to take elements found in real-time strategy games and simplify them for Facebook. While the concept is sound, everything else falls apart rather quickly. While most modern real-time strategy games have moved on from the small ideas and innovations found in the original Warcraft series, the core elements that made up the series serve as the foundation. In Social Empires, you’ll start with a small camp and a few villagers to build food-producing farms, harvest gold mines, and chop trees to collect the resources necessary to form an army. Buildings, such as a barracks, will also need to be completed in order to expand the army. Once finished, these buildings can produce valuable soldiers and archers needed for combat. The reason you’ll need these soldiers is because of the troll army that threatens your camp. Eventually, you’ll need to attack the trolls and destroy their camp if you want to survive. Attacking works surprisingly well, and easy controls allow you to control your entire army with just one click. Missions are also a key element in Social Empires, and mainly serve as additional incentive to continue building your army and attacking your enemies. Unfortunately, the missions are completely bland and lifeless, with most of them being as simple as building a single gold mine or building five houses. Creativity was clearly not a priority in developing Social Empires. For better start download Social Empires Hack.

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KingsAge Game Review

KingsAge is a medieval themed real-time strategy title that allows you to construct a vast city, train a vicious army and do battle against thousands of other players, right from the comfort of your internet browser. KingsAge is published and developed by GameForge, a free to play publisher that is quickly becoming known for their high-quality browser-based MMORTS titles such as Gladiatus and Ikariam. KingsAge shares many similarities with other GameForge strategy titles but steps away from the Greek and Roman themes, providing players with an authentic medieval experience. Here at XMMORPG our first review is based around the experience a new player would have, this is not always ideal in browser-based strategy games as they can be painfully slow to start with, but lets take a look at KingsAge and see how it squares up in one of the most competitive areas of the online gaming industry. There’s no character creation or customization in KingsAge, instead you’re given the choice of the general location of your city. It’s a pretty basic option presenting you with the choice in the form of a compass, and there’s also the option to choose random. It’s not really an important choice but if you’ve joined a guild prior to playing, or are joining with friends, it’s best to make sure you’re choosing the right location. Once you’ve chosen your starting location you’re introduced to the various features in KingsAge via a familiar tutorial layout. Small text prompts are displayed and you must complete each objective to move onto the next stage. The tutorial is very basic and covers every aspect of the game that you’ll need to know in order to advance. For better start download KingsAge Hack.

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Battle Pirates Game Review

Battle Pirates is a popular Facebook game from veteran social game developer Kixeye. The game has been heavily advertised in Facebook’s sidebar module in recent months, leading to a slow but steady degree of growth. At the time of writing, the game has 1,300,000 MAU and 280,000 DAU — strong figures for a complex, hardcore strategy game and only just shy of the numbers for Kixeye’s flagship title Backyard Monsters (1,500,000 MAU and 330,000 DAU). Battle Pirates casts players in the role of a commander of a new island base on a dystopian future waterlogged Earth. Through building and upgrading their base, researching new technologies and battling opponents — both AI- and human-controlled — the player will grow in strength and demonstrate their supremacy to others. The game doesn’t make it immediately clear at the outset whether there is an eventual “goal” to the game, but most players seem to be satisfied to simply continue growing in strength indefinitely, enjoying new content as it is added by the developer. The Battle Pirates game unfolds in two distinct components. The base-building aspect sees players with a limited amount of room to construct buildings and upgrade them to make them more efficient. All buildings have a specific special function — resource-gathering buildings must be emptied every so often to add oil, metal, energy and zynthium to the player’s reserves, “lab” buildings allow for the researching of new technologies, shipyards allow for the construction of fleets and docks allow the player to send their ships out on missions. Building defensive structures around the perimeter of the base is also a must if the player wants to remain safe from other human opponents — though like most games of this type, a week-long “grace period” allows players to enjoy the game without risk of attack, at least until they choose to attack a human opponent! For better start download Battle Pirates Hack.

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